The Toxic singer will front local TV spots in Las Vegas, where she has a residency at the Planet Hollywood resort, urging fans to be safe at Christmas.

Her new public service announcement - aimed at protecting women from opportunists at holiday parties - will also appear at regular intervals throughout Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas properties and on digital billboards around the city.

Spears' message is: "Arrive Together. Stick Together. Leave Together."

"Watching out for your friends and staying together throughout the night is a simple, easy way to party smart," the pop star says. "I am proud to support the Party Smart campaign and remind everyone to stay safe while they are living it up in Las Vegas."

Through the Party Smart campaign, Rape Crisis Center officials are urging women not to let strangers buy them drinks and never leave a drink unattended, call for for help if they start to feel sick or overly intoxicated, and know where their friends are at all times - and check in with each other frequently.

The message also extends to partying pals, with RCC and Spears warning against allowing a drunk friend to leave a party with someone they just met.

"We are so grateful to Britney Spears and Caesars Entertainment for supporting Party Smart," a spokesman for the Rape Crisis Center says. "We are thrilled to have one of the top entertainers in the world with such a huge fan base help us deliver this important message.

"Her reach goes a long way in raising awareness amongst our target demographic - young people ages 18-25. Thanks to Britney, we are confident word will spread more quickly and help to prevent situations, with potentially severe and long-lasting consequences, from ever happening in the first place."