Britney Spears was forced to explain her sexuality to her mother, after a female pornography star said she wanted to have sex with the popstar.

The BOYS singer, 21, caught the eye of Jenna Jameson after they met at a party, and the XXX-rated favourite - who appeared in the video for Eminem's hit track WITHOUT ME - thought she had a chance of bedding The Star when Britney invited her to the opening of her New York restaurant NYLA last year (02).

And while the pair didn't even speak at the bash for the ill-fated eatery, Jameson went onto American shock jock Howard Stern's show to declare her physical admiration for Britney.

But all of the raunchy talk left the ex-girlfriend of Justin Timberlake having to reassure her worried mother LYNNE that she was only interested in boys.

In an exclusive interview with American magazine THE STAR, she says, "I remember seeing an article headlined 'Britney's girl'.

"My mom called me, very concerned and said, 'Did you read this, baby? What's up?' I said, 'Like, Mom, I'm not a lesbian.'"

26/06/2003 13:53