Britney Spears ' fiancée Jason Trawick has been named as the 30 year-old star's new legal co-conservator by judges; this decision means that Trawick will now help manage decisions in Spears' personal life and, for him, comes just in time as she negotiates a rumoured $15 million 'X Factor' contract to appear as a judge on the US version of Simon Cowell's show.

BBC reports that the finer specifics about his responsibilities haven't been released to the public, however the power of conservator is significant - they can legally intervene in the person they're in charge of's lifestyle including controlling where they go and even what they eat. Spears sole conservator since 2008 has been her father JAMIE SPEARS and he was given the role after his daughter's breakdown in the mid-noughties. With Spears recently estimated to be worth some $200 million the move to make Trawick her co-conservator gives rise to the rumours that the pair are considering tying the knot. He was previously Spears' agent but has generally been good for her since becoming romantically involved, and is understood to have been heavily involved in helping Spears go through her mighty contract with 'X Factor.'

This turnaround for Spears began in March of last year, with her seventh studio album 'Femme Fatale' topping the US Billboard charts and going platinum in her home country.