Britney Spears ' fiance Jason Trawick has been given a judge's permission to become her co-conservator, Bbc News reports today (April 26, 2012). The exact details of Jason's responsibilities have not yet been made publicly available. However, it is understood that Trawick will help to manage the decisions made in Britney's personal life. Before the pair became engaged in December last year, Jason had been acting as Britney's agent.
A recent rich list revealed that, despite a significant dip in the popularity of her music and a string of personal dramas, Britney is still reported to be worth $200million. Her father, Jamie Spears has been in control of her financial issues since 2008, after she suffered a very public breakdown, which severely hampered both her career and her reputation. She had been behaving erratically for months, and even shaved off all of her hair, before being sectioned and spending a week in a psychiatric ward in LA. Legally, a conservator can intervene in the person's life, for whom they are acting. This could potentially extend to controlling where that person goes and even what they eat.
Recently, though, it seems as though Britney's career is back on track. She released her seventh studio album, Femme Fatale, last year and it is thought that she is Simon Cowell's top choice for one of the judge's seats on this year's season of X Factor in the USA.