The ex-manager of troubled singer Britney Spears has been ordered to stay away from her by a Los Angeles judge.

US district court judge Philip Gutierrez decided to extend a restraining order on Sam Lufti until March 17th.

Lufti must keep at least 250 yards away from Spears and her home.

The order follows claims made earlier this month by Spears' mother, Lynne, that Lufti had drugged the singer, cut her home phone lines and verbally abused her.

Lufti's restraining order is the latest installment in the sad events surrounding Spears.

In the last week she was banned from seeing her children and last week her father, James, had his temporary control of her affairs extended.

His conservatorship of her wellbeing and fortune will now run until at least March 10th.

Los Angeles superior court commissioner Reva Goetz said her brother Brian should have control over her day-to-day expenses as access to her money was necessary to pay for Spears' security, medicine, food and psychiatric services.

In January the singer was admitted to hospital with what is believed to be severe bipolar disorder, although she has since been discharged.

22/02/2008 13:06:24