The press were banging on about the comparison between Britney Spears supposed deal with 'X Factor' and Jennifer Lopez's one with 'American Idol' weeks before Spears even confirmed that she'd joined Simon Cowell's ship - and they proved to be right on the money with their assumptions that the former certainly had the latter in mind when joining up. The move has all the hallmarks of an attempt at one-upmanship by both 'X Factor' and Spears herself. reports that among the many things demanded by the 30 year-old Spears was that she absolutely had to be earning more than J-Lo. Jenny From The Block she may have been, but the singer and actress has been pulling in a more than tidy $12 million for her stint on the rival show, with some reports suggesting she made as much as $20 million from the most recent season.
With that in mind, Spears apparently asked for a whopping $20 million herself, pretty preposterous really, before the two camps settled on $15 million. It might yet prove to be a good bit of business, and J'Lo will undoubtedly now be worried as she seeks to demand more money to stay across on 'Idol.' With ratings going down on that program she might find herself out of luck.