Britney Spears is involved in a legal dispute over the Bumble dating app.

The 34-year-old singer's lawyer has sent a legal letter to Adam Kluger, who owns an agency which arranges product placements in music videos and on recordings, alleging that he arranged for Bumble to fund her new video, without Britney's knowledge.

TMZ reports that Kluger has been accused of allegedly agreeing an $800,000 deal to feature Bumble in her video, with the dating company paying him $200,000 up-front.

He reportedly then made a deal with Britney's record label RCA, agreeing to pay them $450,000 for the product placement, earning himself $350,000 profit.

Britney's legal team have also accused him of fraudulently claiming he represented Britney, which Kluger denies.

His lawyer told TMZ that Mr. Kluger has previously worked with Britney on projects for Orange Theory and Plenty of Fish.

He said: ''We are going to defend the sterling reputation of The Kluger Agency in court as necessary. The allegations are false. The Kluger Agency has done nothing wrong.''

However, the video is set to go ahead, without a Bumble product placement, but Britney has made a deal to work with the company on another project, in return for Bumble underwriting the video.

Meanwhile, Britney released her ninth album 'Glory' in August and said it was ''everything I wanted it to be''.

She explained: ''Honestly, this is the first project where I've really been hands-on. I was really specific about who I worked with, and I've been learning to say no. I'm a people pleaser, so that's hard for me. Even if I don't like something, I'll do it just to make a person happy. I made sure this album was everything I wanted it to be. I was really selfish with it.''