Pop princess Britney Spears has hit out at reports she's planning to dedicate a track on her forthcoming album to former boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE.

CRY ME A RIVER, the first single from Timberlake's recently released debut LP, was rumoured to be written about his relationship with the sexy singer.

The accompanying video features a Britney lookalike and appears to accuse the singer of cheating on Justin.

Music press gossip claimed Spears planned to use her next album - expected for release at the end of the year (03) - to hit back at hunky Justin. But Britney insists she has never intended to indulge in a lyrical slanging match with her former beau.

She says, "You know, it's funny. I read that I wrote this song and I wrote these lyrics, and that's not my style. I would never do that."

02/06/2003 17:06