Pop beauty Britney Spears is sick of being a target for criticism from those who disapprove of the way she lives her life.

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer, 22, often finds herself fending off catty comments about her lifestyle and work practices from acquaintances who think they know best. And her long-suffering mum LYNNE is also dragged into discussions with random know-it-alls deriding her parenting skills.

Britney fumes, "I can't understand why everyone talks behind your back.

"With my mom, there were times when she would be like: 'Some lady called me up and was like: "What are you doing, sending your child to New York?"'.

"But it was really weird because, all of a sudden, six months later, they're sending their child away and trying to get them a career just like mine, so that was funny."

11/04/2004 20:59