Pop superstar Britney Spears' new video has provoked outrage, because it shows the singer committing suicide in a bath tub.

The pop princess is due to shoot the promo - for her next single EVERYTIME - this weekend (13/14MAR04).

The shocking storyline shows Britney and a boyfriend battling through crowds of photographers to a hotel room. After a fight, her beau throws a bottle of wine at Britney's feet - next she is seen in an overflowing bath with a bottle of pills on the ledge.

The film, to be directed by controversial photographer and videomaker DAVID LaCHAPPELLE, has angered campaigners - who fear it will encourage a string of copycat suicides.

MICHELLE ELLIOT, Director of British parent's group KIDSCAPE fumes, "This is absolutely outrageous, totally irresponsible, completely stupid. If even one child follows her lead she will surely be held responsible."

According to British newspaper The Sun, a recent study shows celebrity suicides are 14 times more likely to spark copycats than those involving ordinary people - and in the month Marilyn Monroe died of an overdose in 1962 the suicide rate increased by 12 per cent.

MARJORIE WALLACE, of British mental health charity SANE, says, "It's profoundly irresponsible to show anything that hints that you can take your own life."

12/03/2004 02:41