Sexy singer Britney Spears is "embarrassed" and "surprised" at Fred Durst's claims of wild sexual interludes with her.

Soon after she split with Justin Timberlake, the blonde beauty was seen in the Limp Bizkit frontman's company. He's since claimed he "talked his way" into her bed, upsetting the singer, who swears nothing intimate happened between them.

And Durst's wild allegations have led Britney to question "what's going on" with him for consistently talking about her that way.

She splutters, "I'm really embarrassed for associating myself with him. We had two days of working together. We went out one night somewhere.

"Honestly, I believe everyone at their core has a good heart. But something must be going on for someone to be that desperate to talk about a girl - about some you don't really know that well.

"I'm really surprised at people. Like, holy s***, man."

12/09/2003 02:11