Troubled pop princess Britney Spears is set to drop legal action against a Japanese fan she accused of being a stalker.

The OOPS...I DID IT AGAIN songstress is expected to withdraw a request for a restraining order against MASAHIKO SHIZAWA, who she said had sent her hundreds of letters, photographs and had followed her to her homes.

However, he claimed just to be an "avid fan."

A court spokesperson said the two parties had been in negotiations to agree a settlement without a court case - which would have happened had the case not been resolved by tomorrow (18APR03).

Spears, 21, had said Shizawa, of Yokohama, Japan, wrote "I'm chasing you" on one of the letters he sent.

However, his lawyer insisted Shizawa was harmless and the confusion arose from a cultural misinterpretation.