Pop babe Britney Spears has promised the ultimate revenge on her ex-love JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - she's going to eclipse his current musical success.

Having seen her former boyfriend enjoy a massively successful 2003, the sexy Louisianan, 22, has vowed to bring her career back to its former glory after her last album IN THE ZONE received an indifferent reception and her Madonna duet Me AGAINST THE MUSIC failed to hit number one.

A friend says, "Last year (03) was a blip in her career. She knows she has messed up big time but she will be back to her old self soon.

"Britney is a born performer and knows all too well how competitive the music industry is. But she's prepared to give as good as she gets.

"She is one hell of a determined diva and knows the score. Brit is planning a massive comeback which will leave Justin weak at the knees. And she is looking forward to it."

13/01/2004 13:53