Troubled pop star Britney Spears tried to seduce a video shoot extra just hours after she quit the set in tears, he claims. Production on Spears' video for her new single Give Me More in Los Angeles was halted last month (Jul07) when she began "sobbing hysterically" during a pole dance routine. But hours later she invited an extra on the shoot to accompany her in a topless pool frolic, before asking him up to her room at L.A.'s Standard Hotel. Mike Encinias says, "I went in and found Britney lying on the bed with her knees up and just a pair of pink panties on. She was looking like she was ready - and I wanted to finalise it." He claims he was handpicked by Spears' assistant hours earlier, along with a group of male pals, to keep the singer company by her hotel pool. Encinias says, ""Suddenly she shocked everyone by just stripping out of her top. She straddled me and put her legs around me. I started kissing her. "Britney had more drinks in between me feeling her up, her boobs, and kissing her on the neck." The student denies having sex with Spears in her hotel room later, after a bodyguard stepped in demanding he take his drunk pal home. Spears officially divorced her husband Kevin Federline just days later (30Jul07).