Britney Spears' father feared for her life during her meltdown.

The 'X Factor' judge's father Jamie was ''scared to death'' at the time of her psychiatric episode in 2008 and thought she would never recover, it emerged during the second day of her trial against former manager SAM LUTFI.

Speaking in court, attorney Leon Gladstone recalled how a terrified Jamie witnessed Britney screaming while strapped to a gurney in hospital, Reuters reports.

Leon said: ''Jamie was living in constant fear that he was going to look at the TV one day and see Britney was dead.

''He is scared to death, and he's thinking to himself, 'My daughter has lost everything. Here she is, in a psychiatric ward, out of her head'.''

The court battle kicked off on Thursday (18.10.12) and saw Sam - who is suing Britney and her parents for breach of contract and libel - make a series of damning allegations about drugs, while her legal conservator Jamie claimed Sam's toxic influence was to blame for her breakdown.

The scorned manager alleges Britney's addiction led to her to shave off her own hair in order to destroy evidence of her drug binges when she feared she might lose custody of her children, Sean, now seven, and six-year-old Jayden James.

Sam's lawyer Joseph Schleimer said in a statement: ''My client was made a scapegoat for the drug abuse and erratic behaviour of Britney Spears. She liked to use amphetamines - speed or uppers.

''She liked to take that drug. And most of the things that went wrong were related to that drug.''

Britney's lawyer Joel Boxer claims Sam was never legally her manager and has no grounds to sue for 15 percent of her earnings.