Troubled pop princess Britney Spears has spent $2,000 (GBP1,000) having a Hebrew healing tattoo laser-removed from the nape of her neck. Spears had the letters etched in 2004, after spending time with Kabbalah devotee Madonna. The Toxic singer studied the offshoot of Judaism and even contemplated joining other celebrity followers including Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. Spears had the mark of Mem, Hey and Shin inked on the back of her neck as a symbol of healing. According to experts, the combination of letters evokes the consciousness of healing. The tattoo suggested Spears was taking responsibility for everything in her life and accepting she can heal herself in all ways. Four years on, her career is in trouble, she has two failed marriages behind her and she's battling for visitation rights to her two sons, after losing custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline. Friends say Spears had the tattoo removed to show the world she can't cope. A pal says, "When she got the tattoo, Britney was in control of her life and her career. The whole world can see she's lost control, and the tattoo made her feel like a hypocrite."