LATEST: Britney Spears is working on a new album, according to a Los Angeles music producer.
The 26-year-old star - currently celebrating the birth of her younger sister Jamie Lynn's daughter Maddie - headed back into the studio in April (08).
Her manager Larry Rudolph insisted at the time that the session was "just for fun".
But Spears' vocal producer and co-writer Jim Beanz, claims she is serious about making another attempt at a career comeback.
He tells U.S. magazine US Weekly, "Britney is amazing... we never see anything but positives out of her."
Spears was committed to a psychiatric facility earlier this year (08) to be treated for a bi-polar disorder and her father Jamie was subsequently appointed conservator of her legal and financial affairs after she was stripped of custody of her two children.
But Beanz insists Spears' recent personal troubles have not been a source of distraction for the star, adding, "Everyone has personal stuff, but a true professional doesn't bring it into the studio."
Producer J.R. Rotem was last month reported to have teamed up with the pop star, to make a start on the comeback album - the follow-up to Blackout, which was released in October (07).