Raunchy singer Britney Spears is ditching her party loving lifestyle so she can concentrating on her singing career.

After a yearlong break from the charts, the sexy star has a new album and recently embarked on a 68-date ONYX HOTEL TOUR to promote it.

And Britney's determined to make headlines because of her music, not her personal life.

The 22-year-old star says, "Things started to backfire and I started to get really rebellious.

"I had my moment of just being a wild girl and just really partying a lot and then that got old really quick.

"I had to put a head on it and be like, 'Right, it's time to look at the situation and look at yourself and figure things out and stop running.

"And I think after the New Year was the time when I really kinda...it clicked."

04/04/2004 10:25