Britney Spears has sold more albums since the turn of the 21st Century than any other female artist - a massive 60 million.

The TOXIC superstar has left such artists as Madonna, Beyonce, Dido and Celine Dion in her wake and the 23-year-old is displaying a near-unprecedented annual selling power.

A spokesperson for her record label JIVE says, "It really is extraordinary. Britney and everyone here are over the moon. To become the biggest selling female artist of the past five years was amazing, but to outsell Madonna over the past half a decade is beyond our wildest dreams. It just goes to show that Britney is a musical force to be reckoned with."

Britney has released five albums - 1999's BABY ONE MORE TIME, 2000's OOPS!... I DID IT AGAIN, 2001's BRITNEY, 2003's IN THE ZONE and last year's (04) GREATEST HITS collection - but she still has a long way to go to match Madonna's overall career sales of 145 million records.

19/01/2005 13:53