Britney Spears has pulled out of a live performance on American TV because the NBC network aired a show about her life without asking permission.

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer was due to perform on NBC's TODAY SHOW on 21 November (03), but was left reeling following Sunday's (09NOV03) DATELINE broadcast of BRITNEY SPEARS: UNZIPPED, which traced her journey to pop stardom.

So, yesterday (11NOV03) the IN THE ZONE star pulled out of the scheduled appearance.

One insider tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, "Her people just pulled out (of Today) on principle."

However, sources at rival New York website PAGE SIX, allege NBC deliberately aired Unzipped to, "avenge network execs' sour feelings after Spears bailed on Dateline to do one of Diane Sawyer's patented fluff-job interviews."

The Diane Sawyer PRIMETIME THURSDAY interview airs tomorrow (13NOV03) on America's ABC network.

12/11/2003 17:36