Britney Spears has decided to continue parading her newly buff body around, appearing on her website wearing nothing but a pair of white gloves and in public wearing a see-through top.

The 25-year-old singer, who entered rehab earlier this year after shaving her head when suffering from alleged alcohol addiction and post-natal depression, has been regularly exercising and dancing in a bid to get back in shape.

And with some cheesy words of thanks to supportive fans on her website, she posed with just white gloves on her arms covering her chest to show how well she is doing.

Britney told fans: "I am so blessed that you care enough about me to be concerned and will continue to live in this brighter state with all of you by my side during this trying time."

Meanwhile, the wig-wearing superstar has also been seen wearing particularly low-cut jeans which were barely held up, as well as a bold printed bra and see-through top to display her hard work.

However, Britney must be careful not to slip back into old habits, after she was snapped coming out of swanky Hollywood nightclub Les Deux at three in the morning.

17/05/2007 17:08:35