Britney Spears has spoken of her respect for her two latest musical collaborators, P DIDDY and Moby.

The rap mogul and the dance music superstar teamed up with Britney for tracks on her new album, and the pop princess was really impressed with the odd couple.

She says, "Diddy is very family-man-oriented. He brought his kids in. His studio and the people he works with, the people he does tracks with, are, like, amazing. He's a cool guy."

Moby let Britney record one of his own new tracks, EARLY MORNING.

She adds, "He's such a pure-hearted guy. He's so cool. He just played me a really cool track, and I thought it was brilliant. I just came up with stuff to go over it, and I hope he likes it. It's one of my favourite tracks on the record."

08/09/2003 21:16