Pop star Britney Spears is making every effort to get fit after struggling to complete her recent three-club promotional dash in New York.

The 21-year-old singer performed three songs from her new album IN THE ZONE at the SHOW, AVALON and SPLASH nightclubs during a three-hour dash, with MTV cameras following her every move.

But Spears confesses in the resulting hour-long special that she isn't fit enough to give her best on tour.

Britney reveals she suffered leg cramps after her first performance at Show, and needed a massage to help her make it to her next show.

She says, "I really need to start like really running. In the morning (I need to) get my a** out of bed and just start, because that hurt."

Later at gay club Splash, the pop princess almost passed out on stage.

She adds, "I really did get kind of scared when I was on stage. I really did think I was gonna faint for a while there. I've never been that scared in my life. I zoned out."

17/11/2003 17:08