Britney Spears is plotting to subtly retaliate against ex-boyfriend JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE's CRY ME A RIVER video in her new promo, TOXIC.

The LUCKY pop superstar has admitted Timberlake's video, which featured him stalking a Britney lookalike after she cheated on him, upset her - and though she's been keen to distance herself from the controversy it caused, she's making sure he gets the message in her new video.

In Toxic, Britney plays a femme fatale looking to kill her cheating ex, played by THE RING star Martin Henderson. Model Tyson Beckford also appears in the video as Britney's assistant, who helps his boss get hold of a poison potion to kill her lover.

Sexy Britney also plans to excite fans with her outfits in the video - she wears an air stewardess costume for one scene, a black catsuit for another and nothing but pasted-on diamonds for a penultimate scene.

05/01/2004 18:10