Pop beauty Britney Spears has included a song on her upcoming album that apologises to former lover Justin Timberlake and begs him to resume their relationship.

The unnamed track appears to discuss the end of their romance and in the words of the song Britney hints that her infidelity caused their shocking break-up in 2002. And in an incredible move, the song includes a verse where Britney pleads with her onetime beau to rekindle their love.

Lyrics on the tune include, "I may have made it rain/ Please forgive me/ My weakness caused your pain/And this song is my sorry."

It also includes the verse, "I make believe that you are here/ It's the only way I see clear/ What have I done?/ You seem to move on easy/ Come notice me and take my hand/ So why are we strangers when our love is strong?/ Why carry on without me?"

However, LIKE I LOVE YOU singer Timberlake is unlikely to respond to the slushy number - he has reportedly just moved in with new girlfriend CAMERON DIAZ.

22/10/2003 02:03