Britney Spears has offered a personal apology - as well as financial compensation - to the owner of the car she hit. The troubled pop star offered to visit Kim Robard-Rifkin's house to make a personal apology after her alleged hit-and-run on August 6 (07). But Ms Robard-Rifkin, whose 1999 Mercedes-Benz station wagon was damaged in the incident, said that a personal apology was not necessary as she was content with an offer to have her car repaired with a rental car provided in the meantime, as well as a telephone apology from Spears's attorney. She says, "(Spears) has way more than enough problems right now." Lawyer J Michael Flanagan has confirmed a cheque "in the $1,000 (GBP500) range" was to be delivered to Robard-Rifkin on Monday (22Oct07). Two misdemeanour criminal charges of hit and run causing property damage and driving without a valid California driver's license against Spears still stand. But when the court sees proof of Robard-Rifkin's compensation, the hit-and-run charge is likely to be dropped.