LATEST: Troubled singer Britney Spears' "favourite" aunt is urging her niece to quit Hollywood before she ends up dead. Spears, who entered the Promises rehab facility in California in an effort to control unspecified problems on 20 February (07), has terrified her family and aunt CHANDA MCGOVERN believes she should move back to her native Louisiana. MCGovern, 32, says "Britney has to sort her priorities out and quickly, before it is too late, otherwise she may end up dead. "It is heartbreaking to go from knowing Britney as she was as a child to seeing how she is now, with everything falling apart. It is sad. "It has all gone horribly wrong for Britney and I am truly terrified about what might happen to her. "She needs to come on home to Louisiana where people love Britney for Britney and where they see past all of her fame and celebrity. "Out in California, she can't go to the shops, the movies or a restaurant without a camera in her face, or people watching her every move."