The paparazzo who was allegedly struck by a car carrying Britney Spears and her mum has launched a legal battle with the pop star's family. Snapper CULLEN REAVLEY claims he was left with serious injuries after he was struck by the Spears' SUV in June 2004, when the singer, her mother and sister were attempting to escape the paparazzi after leaving a pet store in Santa Monica, California. Reavley was among the photographers who rushed the vehicle, driven by Britney's mother LYNNE, as the family tried to make a hasty getaway. He claims he lost his balance, fell and Spears drove over his foot. Paramedics were called to the scene and Reavley was taken to hospital. In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles yesterday (09JUN06), Reavley claimed he suffered injuries of the "head, neck, back, trunk and extremities," explaining they've caused him "mental, physical and nervous pain and suffering." The snapper insists his injuries will "result in permanent disability."