Pop beauty Britney Spears's relationship with new love Kevin Federline is getting serious - the happy couple are moving in together.

The TOXIC singer has spent big on a lavish property situated on Governor's Island, New Hampshire - an area so exclusive only the mega-rich can buy there.

And according to sources, Britney is already desperate to conclude her ONYX HOTEL tour in order to spend some quality time with dancer Federline at the tranquil love nest.

A source says of the three-bedroom house: "It's stunning. It has amazing views over Lake Winnipesaukee and is far from the hustle and bustle Britney is so desperate to get away from. She says she can't wait to move in and get to know the area."

And Britney - whose last serious boyfriend was pop hunk Justin Timberlake - is certain she has found the perfect man to share her life with.

An insider says, "They've spent so much time together on the tour it practically feels like they live together anyway. Britney feels he brings out a side to her she didn't know she had and makes her forget about her problems."

16/06/2004 02:37