Britney Spears has started meeting up with her ex-husband Jason Alexander again - because he lives in the same Los Angeles apartment block as her dad.

The couple only wed for 55 hours but sources claim the pop star is still friendly with her father JAMIE's neighbour, and has been meeting him in Studio City for heartfelt chats.

A pal of Alexander's tells American magazine In Touch, "Britney has been visiting him whenever she feels lonely. She used to come over once a month, but now she visits more regularly.

"She's known Jason since they were little, so she feels like she can trust him."

The publication has even tracked a regular weekly visiting schedule, claiming Britney visits Alexander on Wednesdays, between 2pm and 5pm.

This latest news follows months of speculation about the state of Britney's marriage to dancer Kevin Federline.

In Touch also claims the couple had a public fight at their favourite restaurant, Moonshadows, last Friday (03FEB06), after which Federline stormed out, leaving a weeping Britney to dine alone.