Britney Spears is on the hunt for a new home again.
The pop star is reportedly planning to buy a $6 million (GBP3 million) mansion in Encino, California.
Spears spent Wednesday afternoon (07May08) looking around the five-bedroom property, which is situated close to her ex-husband Kevin Federline's home in nearby Tarzana.
The house Spears looked at comes with fountains, a jacuzzi, a swimming pool with a spa and a wine cellar.
The move to the Valley makes sense for Spears, who was awarded added custody of her two young sons earlier this week (06May08).
Spears' custody rights were suspended in January (08) after police and emergency services were called to the singer's home after she refused to hand over one of her sons to a Federline bodyguard following a visitation period.
Ever since then Spears has been fighting to regain visitation. The arrangement was modified a month ago when Federline agreed his troubled ex could spend time with their sons again as long as the visits were properly supervised.