Britney Spears' new single ME AGAINST THE MUSIC is expected to make a huge impact on America's charts, after becoming the most requested track on a number of influential radio stations.

The collaboration with Madonna, which is the first single from Britney's comeback album IN THE ZONE, is enjoying phenomenal levels of attention from fans across America.

The music director of Los Angeles' KIIS-FM, JULIE PILAT, says, "It's the number one request at the station right now. The first day we got it, we played it every hour, and it's been our number one phone song since."

Jeff Pollack, one of the nation's leading radio consultants, adds of the superstar collaboration, "It's sort of undeniable having those two sing together. Clearly, working with Madonna has helped significantly.

"When you have a big record on the radio that's getting the kind of spins this one's getting, it can't help but have a positive impact on both.

"It's been slow going for both artists recently. This is a way to heat things up. A lot of people have been wondering whether her music career would be taking a back seat to being a celebrity. This puts her back in the game."

28/10/2003 17:28