Newlyweds Britney Spears and Kevin Federline proved themselves as a great comedy double act last night (17MAY05), when they appeared on David Letterman's The Late Show to read out his nightly Top 10 list.

The couple read out a list of 10 reasons why people should watch their new reality TV show BRITNEY + KEVIN: CHAOTIC, which debuted on TV yesterday - and had viewers doubled up with their quips.

The skit ended with Spears joking, "In the season finale, you'll find out that Dave (Letterman) is the father of my baby - oops."

Among the other Top 10 reasons to check out the couple's new show were, "There's never-before-seen footage of me wrestling an alligator," according to Britney, while her husband quipped, "If enough people tune in, maybe my wife will make out with Madonna again," referring to Spears controversial same-sex kiss at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

18/05/2005 21:34