Britney Spears delighted the audience at a New York show yesterday (11NOV03) with a provocative underwear-baring performance.

The sexy singer, who bowed out of last week's (6NOV03) MTV EUROPE AWARDS claiming "exhaustion", was back in fine form at her open-air gig in Times Square.

Britney wore a JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE-style trilby, a shirt slashed wide across her chest and a pair a leather trousers cut low in the front to reveal her saucy purple silk g-string.

She entertained the crowd with a raunchy show, including high kicks, bottom wiggling and crotch-grabbing.

One thrilled fan says, "It was a great performance. She was obviously doing all she could to get to number one."

Insiders have expressed fears that Britney's recent illnesses will affect the performance of her comeback single ME AGAINST THE MUSIC, which features Madonna. The song and her new album IN THE ZONE have so far failed to impress critics.

12/11/2003 02:09