Britney Spears has promised fans she'll never kiss a woman again after causing a furore by smooching Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards last week (28AUG03).

Spears sparked a storm of controversy when she locked lips with Madonna during the opening number of the VMAs, but she insists the one-off incident was just that.

She says, "In rehearsals, it wasn't something that was like, 'This is what we're gonna do.' We played around a little bit and she said before the performance, 'Let's just feel it out and see what happens.'

"I didn't know it was gonna be that long and everything but it was cool.

"I've never kissed a woman before. I would not do it again."

Britney insists she didn't realise the kiss would become such a huge talking point, and though it seems to have upset a lot of fans, her family enjoyed what they saw.

She adds, "My mother thinks it was cool. She liked the performance. She knows it's all about performing.

"I think I'm still clean-living. I don't go home and have orgies or anything like that."

04/09/2003 02:42