Britney Spears has been given a 22 October (04) deadline to respond to a lawsuit filed by the bosses of three drug firms, or she'll unwittingly agree that her image can be used to market weightloss drug ZANTREX-3.

The pop star's lawyers threatened to sue the three companies for using Spears' image without permission after they marketed pictures of the singer carrying a bottle of Zantrex-3 pills at a London airport.

The companies, ZOLLER LABORATORIES LLC, DG ENTERPRISES and BASIC RESEARCH LLC, did press on with legal action and have asked a federal judge to declare they have violated no federal or state law with their marketing practices.

Their lawsuit was filed last November (03), and Spears' legal representatives still haven't responded.

Federal JUDGE PAUL CASSELL has now ordered the pop star to explain why she failed to respond to the complaint by the September (04) deadline, adding if she continues to ignore the case, the companies will win a declaration approving their actions by default.

17/10/2004 10:29