Britney Spears could perform at next month's MTV video music awards (VMAs), a year after her disastrous comeback appearance.

The singer's much-hyped rendition of Gimme More was heralded as the beginning of her final decline in last year's awards ceremony.

She struggled to lip-synch and dance at the same time; her eyes were glazed over and her arms swung limply by her side.

But days after appearing in a new set of promo TV sports for the VMAs alongside their host Russell Brand, MTV told Billboard Britney could make a second comeback in the September 7th ceremony.

In the adverts with Brand the 26-year-old singer appeared fresh-faced and sharp and has seemingly put stints in rehab and a bitter custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline behind her after her father James took control of her estate.

In the VMA promos, set in a warehouse containing nothing other than a large elephant, Brand asks the singer: "You are Britney Spears, right? I'm not dreaming this am I?"

He then asks her to pinch him to prove he is not dreaming as Britney tells him it's "for real".

In the second advert when Brand asks Britney to say who is hosting the VMAs the troubled singer says it is "Russell Brown".

Correcting her, Brand says: "You will remember that name because I think pretty soon it's going to be your surname - Britney Brand."

To which a giggling Britney can only reply "Oh God".

13/08/2008 12:28:46