Lawyers representing Britney Spears have been summoned to court this week for a second emergency hearing into the star's child custody case.

Spears and her former husband Kevin Federline have been engaged in legal proceedings to settle their dispute over how much time each spends with their two sons. A previous urgent session was held last Thursday to discuss her scheduled appearances for drug tests.

Federline's attorneys have now requested the latest hearing, which will be held on Friday, amid concerns about the singer's driving. Recently, a video was released which showed the Baby One More Time star running a red light whilst driving her kids. A court-appointed monitor was in the car at the time.

Speaking to People magazine about the incident, Spears' attorney said: "Ms Spears was being mobbed by paparazzi at the time. She was distracted. This was not blatant irresponsible driving on her part."

At the previous emergency hearing into the high-profile custody case, Spears was ordered to keep the authorities aware of her contact details so that she could be notified of court-mandated drug tests.

The session was called after it emerged that she had missed eight out of 14 scheduled tests.

At the time Spears' attorney stated that her failure to comply with the court's orders for random tests was because she was forced to change her number repeatedly due to the pressures of her celebrity status. Scott Gordon, the judge hearing the case, ordered the star to obtain a working number where she could be reached regarding the tests.

Previously the judge described the singer as a "habitual, frequent and continuous" user of controlled substances and alcohol and ordered her to submit to drug checks every week.

Spears has lost custody of her children but was recently awarded visitation rights to meet them every week. The court has not yet restored Spears' joint custody arrangements.

14/11/2007 07:14:39