Trouble pop beauty Britney Spears broke down in "hysterical" tears after her mother LYNNE reportedly ran over a paparazzo in Santa Monica, California this weekend (19-20JUN04).

The TOXIC singer had just left a local pet shop - where she bought two new puppies - when the incident happened, and was so distraught paramedics had to attend to her before turning their attention to injured snapper CALUM REAVLEY.

One onlooker tells British tabloid The Sun: "Amazingly there were no bodyguards with them and Lynne didn't appear to know what to do when they were surrounded by photographers.

"Most of them were on the pavement. Calum didn't throw himself in front of the car or anything. He was standing by the side. He's not the sort of guy to cause trouble.

"Without warning, Britney's mum drove off at high speed straight through the photographers. Calum was struck and went down screaming, he was writhing on the floor in pain.

"Britney looked panic-stricken. She was sobbing and screaming."

Police were called to the scene and it is thought both Lynne and Britney will be required to give statements to police. Calum Reavley is now at home resting after doctors declared he had sustained swelling but no broken bones during the incident.

In a statement, Spears' management said, "If anyone was injured by accident, it was caused by the paparazzi's own conduct."

22/06/2004 02:17