Accident-prone Britney Spears has had another close shave, after driving her black convertible into a parked car in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old managed to scrape the side of the silver Mercedes in a car park in Hollywood while visiting a pharmacy, leaving some scratches down both vehicles.

After finally parking her car, she then let the door swing out and thump the silver car again.

The fender-bender is the latest in a long line of mishaps befalling the troubled pop singer, although some recent good news has come in the form of a new manager.

JEFF KWATINEZ has signed on as Britney's manager after being fired by fellow pop singer Kelly Clarkson earlier in the year.

Britney had been without any formal management for several months as she struggled with rehab and the break-up of her marriage.

In this time, allegedly representing herself, Britney organised a disastrous interview with OK! magazine, which descended into anarchy as the shaven-headed popster mopped up sick and dog mess with designer dresses and suffered some kind of "meltdown".

07/08/2007 11:11:16