Britney Spears is among a list of singers who have had their videos pushed back to a later airing time on MTV, following the fall-out over Janet Jackson's on-air breast exposure.

Jackson sparked outrage at the Super Bowl on 1 February (04), when JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ripped open her bustier at the end of their duet to reveal a bejewelled nipple.

And the sweeping censorship which followed has now struck such stars as Spears, MAROON 5 and BLINK 182, whose sexually-charged videos will now be shown after 10pm in fear of a further backlash from viewers.

The list also includes MEGALOMANIAC, the politically-leaning video from Incubus, which depicts an Adolf Hitler character with angel's wings flying over a crowd, and later shows a nameless politician ordering police to halt a protest.

An MTV spokesperson says, "We support the creative community, but we have to take into account what's in the culture right now. It's part of our responsibility as broadcasters."

10/02/2004 09:15