Designers PHILLIPPE and DAVID BLOND are set for a Christmas bonus - Britney Spears is considering signing them up as the official costumers for her upcoming world tour.
Spears wears a Blond corset on the inside of her Circus album and she loves the look so much, she's keen to take a collection of their designs on the road with her.
A Blond source tells, "They will only be designing for Britney's tour outfits and not any of her dancers. They are super excited about this project."
And Spears insiders claim the singer is working extra hard in the gym so she can complete an energetic live show wearing the Blonds' "extremely heavy" outfits.
Blond spokesman Mauricio Padilha says, "They have already submitted sketches. They may even be making her a Swarovski crystal mask to match one of the corsets for the tour."