Britney Spears has reportedly given up on rehab, again.

News sources are claiming that the troubled pop star has checked herself out of a Malibu rehab centre 24-hours after she checked herself in. A rehab programme at Promises, the centre where the star is said to have been treated, usually takes around 45 days.

Her estranged husband Kevin Federline is due to appear in a family court today.

Although the reason for the appearance has not been made public some news reports are claiming that he may be claiming for sole custody of their two children.

This is the second time in the past fortnight that Britney has left a rehab programme after just one day. Last week she reportedly checked out of a centre in the Caribbean.

Many reports had claimed that the pop princess was on the verge of a breakdown, her life spiralling downwards since her split with husband Kevin Federline last November.

Last Friday, Britney took the drastic step of shaving her own head. The singer and mother-of-two shaved off her own hair after a hairdresser refused to do it for her.

Her night continued at a tattoo parlour where she had two small tattoos inked onto her body.

Despite going bald, Britney continued partying over the weekend, being spotted by a number of paparazzi wearing a blonde wig.

22/02/2007 07:14:53