Britney Spears has named her upcoming tour the BLACK ONYX HOTEL TOUR because she thinks she's the human embodiment of the mystical stone.

The singer admits she wanted the name of the tour to reflect the way she wants fans to be effected by seeing her live.

She explains, "It's in mines in India and people go to these stones to see them because they're so powerful.

"Supposedly they ward off evil. Whenever light is reflected on it, the stone changes colours, and I thought it was symbolic to what I do."

Britney says she wants her fans to walk away from the show with a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

She adds, "I would want them to say, 'That was just the most amazing experience that I just had of my life.' Kind of like the feeling you get watching a strong movie where you go through all these different emotions.

"There's moments where you want to cry and moments where you're so into it. It's very theatrical and very well thought out."

06/02/2004 09:05