Pop beauty Britney Spears is the subject of a set of unusual new portraits made entirely from chewed chewing gum.

Canadian artist JASON KRONENWALD has composed 10 celebrity portraits - four of which feature the 22-year-old TOXIC singer made from old chewing gum, with each flavour providing a different colour.

Kronenwald admits he doesn't do much of the chewing himself, preferring to leave it to family and friends.

He says, "When my brother comes over, he chews a lot of BUBBLE TAPE. It's great."

Bubble Tape and TRIDENT are his two favourite brands to work with, although BLACK JACK rates as his top chewy choice.

Each of Kronenwald's portraits take roughly 40 hours to complete and sell for upwards of $2,000 (GBP1,100).

His other chewed masterpieces include screen icon Brigitte Bardot, tennis beauty Anna Kournikova, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, while a portrait of Spears' ex Justin Timberlake is currently in the works.

09/03/2004 02:25