Britney Spears has won an emergency injunction barring further leaks about her time in rehab being printed in the British press.

Lawyers representing the 25-year-old singer said the order was obtained this afternoon at London's high court.

Media organisations will no longer be able to print information leaked to them from a man known as "John Doe" or his/her agent.

"This injunction will now be served on the UK media so as to assist them in not making the mistake of carrying such further disclosures if approached by this person or his/her agent," a statement from media lawyers Schillings said.

"Ms Spears reserves the right and intends to challenge false allegations which have already been published about her time in rehabilitation and which are the subject of ongoing legal complaint."

Some UK media organisations may be forced to disclose their sources so that John Doe can be identified if an application made to the high court to do so is successful.

Britney left rehab yesterday after "successfully" completing a month-long stint in the Promises treatment centre in Malibu.

Before rehab she engaged in a number of worrying activities in the public eye, including shaving her head, hitting a car with an umbrella and swapping clothes with strippers. A number of media reports also claimed that she had collapsed in a club on New Year's Eve.

22/03/2007 16:36:25