Britney Spears has reignited her legal spat with Japanese businessman MASAHIKO SHIZAWA (corr), because the alleged stalker won't leave her alone.

The pop star dropped a restraining order against the 43-year-old earlier this year (03) after he promised to leave Britney alone, but now he's terrifying her again with alleged phone calls and faxes.

The singer claims Shizawa has recently sent her one fax, in which he writes, "There remain serious personal issues to be resolved. I believe Ms Spears is a serious person and I'm sure I'm a very important person for her."

But it's a note in which Shizawa's states, "I hope to find a job around her," which has got Britney worried.

The singer has been granted a temporary restraining order, in which Shizawa must stay at least 275 metres (900 feet) away from the pop star. A judge will hold another hearing on the restraining order later this year (03).

14/09/2003 21:22