Relatives of troubled pop beauty Britney Spears are seriously worried about her mental health - after she rushed off stage in Berlin, Germany in tears.

The TOXIC superstar, 22, has been struggling to cope with her huge workload as she continues her ONYX HOTEL tour in Europe, and sources close to Britney fear the situation is only going to get worse.

Britney is reportedly desperate to return home to her mother LYNNE after suffering the worst reviews of her career for the raunchy stage show. But with contractual obligations preventing her from ditching the tour, miserable Britney is getting more and more depressed.

And the depth of her anguish was clearly demonstrated when she ran off the stage in the German capital and fled to a waiting car, before ignoring fans as she ran into her hotel.

A source tells British newspaper the SUN, "Dozens of fans were waiting for her outside the hotel.

"She rushed straight past them with her baseball cap pulled right down over her eyes. But everyone could see she had been crying her eyes out on the limo journey. Her mascara was streaming down her face."

The ME AGAINST THE MUSIC singer has now taken her tour to France.

20/05/2004 00:07