Britney Spears failed to recognise Victoria Beckham after the Spice Girls singer introduced herself at an upmarket Los Angeles restaurant.

According to the Sun, Posh Spice was dining with David at the fancy Chateau Mormont last Tuesday when she spotted the Baby One More Time star.
The Sun cites an onlooker who said that Victoria went and introduced herself to the American singer.

"Victoria said: 'Hi Britney. I'm Victoria from the Spice Girls'. But Britney had no idea who she was," the source said.

"She just looked at her with a vacant and bemused expression and turned and walked away," the observer added.

Posh and Becks recently moved to LA after the former Real Madrid star signed a lucrative deal with the LA Galaxy soccer team. Since their arrival in the US the couple have appeared at a host of A-list parties and in a number of magazines.

They have been regularly photographed with Hollywood power couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and a one-hour show about Victoria's search for a house in LA has been broadcast on American television.

The latest incident could show that the media-savvy couple are yet to break the elusive US market but is also being seen by commentators as a snub by a troubled Spears.

She recently finalised her divorce from her husband of three years, Kevin Federline and since their split has engaged in bizarre behaviour such as attacking photographers with an umbrella and even shaving her head.

07/08/2007 07:50:28