Britney Spears' brief fling with Colin Farrell may be over, but she still enjoys admiring him from the pages of magazines.

The 21-year-old pop beauty, who caused a stir when she turned up on the arm of the Irish hellraiser at the Hollywood premiere of The Recruit, was photographed buying the latest edition of men's magazine ESQUIRE from a Los Angeles newsstand on 8 August (03).

And rather than wait until she got home, Britney enthusiastically thumbed through Farrell's interview as she travelled around town with a pal.

A source says, "She was engrossed! She read while walking, like she wanted to see real fast if he'd mentioned her."

But Britney - who called Farrell a "good kisser" - is not named in the article, as the actor only speaks of his pregnant ex KIM BORDENAVE.

14/08/2003 09:18